Fischer-Tropsch Refining

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The Fischer-Tropsch process is gaining recognition again due to the world-wide increase in energy needs and decrease in oil availability

As such, it deals extensively with aspects of engineering, chemistry and catalysis

From the Contents Fischer-Tropsch Facilities and Refineries at a Glance Production of Fischer-Tropsch Syncrude Industrial Fischer-Tropsch Facilities Synthetic Transportation Fuels Refining Technology Refinery Design

Numerous examples illustrate the possibilities and limitations of Fischer-Tropsch syncrude as feesdstock

Of great interest to everyone interested in refining not just Fischer-Tropsch specialists

The book covers the production and refining of Fischer-Tropsch syncrude to fuels and chemicals systematically and comprehensively, presenting a wealth of new knowledge and material

The increasing interest in utilizing biomass as a potential renewable feedstock in energy generation is further supporting this development

This handbook and ready reference adopts a fundamental approach, looking at the molecules and their transformation from feed to product

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